Receive complimentary Vario Cases when you purchase a new R 1200 GS. Includes R 1200 GS Rallye, R 1200 GS Rallye Sport, R 1200 GS TE and R 1200 GS TE Exclusive models. Adjustable left and right panniers, equipped with a patented adjusting mechanism which allow the rider to quickly reduce or expand the volume and size depending on your luggage requirements. The width can be reduced by 12cm when the volume is reduced, which is particularly advantageous in city traffic.

VARIO CASES Coded and fitted seamlessly to the bike using an innovative mechanism, these rugged black plastic cases feature a striking aluminium insert in the lid.

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*Black plastic case with redesigned aluminium insert in the case lid

*Capacity can be adjusted by moving a bar*A patented adjustment mechanism lets you vary the volume conveniently and quickly with just one hand by moving a bar

*The width is reduced by 12 cm when the volume is reduced, which is particularly advantageous in busy city traffic

*Left case volume: approx. 30-39 l

*Right case volume: approx. 20-29 l

*Innovative mechanism for connecting to the vehicle

*Suitable for off-road

*Looks to suit the vehicle

*Maximum load per case: 10 kg

*Recommended maximum speed with case: 180 km/h

*Case holder well integrated with the vehicle's look

*Optional: inner bag for variable panniers

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Terms and Conditions

Applies to new R 1200 GS models ordered between 1 July and 30 September 2017 and registered by 30 September 2017 (subject to availability). Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other BWM Motorrad UK offer. Offer may be varied, withdrawn or extended at any time. Participating retailers only

Complimentary BMW Pannier package includes: BMW Vario Panniers and BMW Vario Locks both coded and fitted to the vehicle. Retail customers only.